Educational consultancy

Hit a brick wall with studying? Have an offer from a university but no idea how to achieve your target grades? Problems motivating your child into doing any work outside of school?  Having many years of experience of teaching, tutoring and implementing successful educational techniques with students and families we have honed our skills to help students reach their potential through our "Consultancy Master Plan" or CMP.

How it works

Our consultancy service takes place over 2 separate visits to your home. Our first visit is fact finding mission which enables us to collate all the the information we require for the audit and then future plans. 

The second visit is where we will work with the student and family to make any necessary changes which will promote the most positive outcomes.

What to expect

- an audit of current academic situation

- advice on revision strategies 

- motivational guidance

- revision timetable production and maintenance

- work space audit and plan

- how to hold yourself to account

- a plan of attack to break the status quo and reach your aspiration targets

- Contract of change


We have had excellent results in helping students to get out of the rut they have found themselves in. Sometimes years of revising in inefficient ways results in burnout for students and parents/guardians.

Usually having someone externally looking at the problem from a different perspective helps un-muddy the educational waters and give the students the best chance of reaching their goals.


For a full audit and action plan to improve your child's perspective and outcomes the cost is £250 which covers an initial consultation by phone and then a 1-2 hour visit and final report with actions and contracts drawn up. Currently this service is only available in the north west of England.