David has been brillant, my son has struggled with chemistry for a few years at school, David explains and engages really well my son is now feeling a lot happy and confident with this subject. He is always well prepared and on time, I would definitely recommend David for tutoring.


David is a very knowledgable tutor who engages well with our son; he has a calm teaching style and encourages and stretches our son. David is always punctual and his calm methodical teaching style is first class. We wholeheartedly recommend David.


Having been left disappointed and slightly disheartened following my first attempt at A level chemistry, in which I received a B grade, I decided to take a gap year and re-sit. It became clear early on that I would need some help and so we contacted David. I remember the first session I had with David, during which he ran through some topics assessing my capabilities and at the end assured me that I was not far from the A grade I desired. He made it clear to me that it was my job to find out what I struggled with between sessions and that he would then help with those topics during each session, which he did. At first I was really lacking the confidence and self belief that I could do the work but David assured me that it was possible. It was this belief of David`s in me as a student, combined with his outstanding knowledge of my syllabus, that enabled me to exceed my expectations. On paper, David guided me from a low level B grade to achieving a secure A* grade. In addition to this he gave me the confidence that with the right approach and determination, anything is possible. - Will Richards


David is very professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. He always brings prepared work for my son
and my son benefits from his lessons.


Excellent !
Organised, punctual, friendly and dynamic teaching strategies.


David is very friendly and professional. He is an excellent tutor and teaches the exam technique which has helped my son to understand the subject very well.He is very thorough with his subject and is able to put it accross really well for my son to understand the subject. Would highly recommend him .
Dr Kavita


Great tutor!! went out of his way to get my grade up. I was sitting at a D after my AS results and he managed to get me up to an A.
Highly recommend


A very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and professional tutor.


Brilliant tutor, really increased my Daughter`s confidence in Chemistry.
Very reliable and patient.


David was not only professional but also had empathy with Tara, and gave her excellent guidance and advice e.g. in Tara's words "David was able to explain in a short time an aspect of Chemistry, that my teacher had taken three lessons to explain, but made it far clearer”